1351 Jolly Lane
Rapid City, SD 57703

Core Values

Our Core Values: A Culture of "Coming Alongside"

Worship - We will love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. We will emphasize the centrality of prayer and the need for our lives to be aligned with Christ.

Outreach - We will love our neighbors by reaching out to them with the love of Christ and the life-changing message of the Gospel.

Relationship - The best way to grow and sustain new life in Christ is through caring, supportive and deep relationships. We will emphasize acceptance, grace, respect, caring and connection.

Discipleship - We will fully engage in God's process of change, becoming whole and alive in Christ. We will provide opportunities for every believer to continually grow in their relationship with Christ.

Overriding Authority of Scripture - Scripture is our source of truth, direction and hope; all of our teaching, preaching and ministries must align with the Word of God.

Family - We believe the family is the center of Christian education and growth; we will strive to help families create a strong foundation in Christ and support them in each season of spiritual and family development.

Holiness - Scriptural holiness is the essence of wholeness and restoration that Christ brings to our lives. We will strive for Christ's holiness to be demonstrated in our own lives and will actively seek to draw others into the healing, hope and wholeness Christ brings by making us holy.

Others' Relevance - We will bring the message of hope in a "language" our culture understands. The way we speak, the songs we sing, the way we fellowship and the way we do ministry will have in mind our need to love our neighbors as ourselves by being culturally relevant.

Priesthood of all Believers - We will commission all believers to the ministry of coming alongside and raise up servant-leaders who equip, support, motivate and mentor others in the ministry of coming alongside.

Excellence - We will strive to do the very best we can in the things God has called us to do as a church with the resources he has given us. We will conduct our ministries with a passion to honor God through efficient and effective service.